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Non Potable Water / Mechanical


More aquatherm blue pipe installation photos


HVAC(chilled and heating water, secondary refrigeration, computer cooling for Data Centres), compressed air, non-potable water applications, gen. pressure pipes

Material: fusiolen PP-R C; fibre reinforced (faser composite technology)


New materialfusiolen® PP-RCT; aquatherm blue pipe MF RP 

Next generation polypropylene for increased pressure resistance made from fusiolen®PP-RCT.

The lower the SDR the higher the pressure rating

Pipe series aquatherm blue pipe MF (climatherm faser composite pipe):
Art.-No. 2070708 /2070712 = SDR 7.4
Art.-No. 2070112 - 2070148 = SDR 11
Art.-No. 2570130 - 2570154 = SDR 17.6

Colour: blue with 4 wider green stripes

Form supplied: 4 m straight lengths (ø 20-125 mm), 5.8 m straight lengths (ø 160-630 mm)

Download general information aquatherm blue pipe  MF

Please only use aquatherm proprietary pipe clamps!


Some advantages of the aquatherm blue pipe MF system are:

  • Corrosion resistant (internal and external)
  • Low pipe roughness of 0.0070mm (less friction head loss; smaller pumps)
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
    (λ  = 0.15 W/mK; λ Copper = 350-384 W/mK, λ Carbon Steel = 50 W/mK)

  • Recyclable
  • Light in weight (ρ < 1)
  • Less linear expansion (α = 0.035 mm/mK);


Provision for linear expansion aquatherm MF pipes vs Copper pipes 

  • no thrust blocks required for in ground application
  • Larger support intervals
  • Very good sound insulating characteristics
  • Very good chemical resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Easy processing
  • Excellent material for prefabrication
    aquatherm blue pipe prefabrication photos  


Welding procedure videos:

Ø20-63mm: Socket Fusion

Ø50-125mm: Socket Fusion

Ø20-250mm: Electrofusion

Ø160mm and up: Butt welding

Please also refer to chapter "Training / Processing Welding Videos"

Art.-No. Dimension


  Socket Fusion:  
2070708 20 x 2.8 mm 15
2070710 25 x 3.5 mm 20
2070712 32 x 4.4 mm 25
2070112 32 x 2.9 mm 25
2070114 40 x 3.7  mm 32
2070116 50 x 4.6  mm 40
2070118 63 x 5.8  mm 50
2070120 75 x 6.8  mm 65
2070122 90 x 8.2  mm 80
2070124 110 x 10.0  mm 80
2070126 125 x 11.4  mm 100
  Butt welding:  
2070130 160 x 14.6  mm 125
2070134 200 x 18.2  mm 150
2070138 250 x 22.7  mm 200
2070142 315 x 28.6  mm 250
2070144 355 x 32.2 mm 300
2070146 400 x 36.3 mm 300
2070148 450 x 40.9 mm 400
2570126 NEW 125 x 7.1 mm 100
2570130 160 x 9.1 mm 150
2570134 200 x 11.4 mm 200
2570138 250 x 14.2 mm 250
2570142 315 x 17.9 mm 300
2570144 355 x 20.1 mm 350
2570146 400 x 22.7 mm 350
2570148 450 x 25.5 mm 400
2570150 500 x 28.4 mm 450
2570154 630 x 35.7 mm 500




Welding produdure video:

Weld in Saddle Technique

UV Resistance

Pipes and fittings made from fusiolen PP-R or fusiolen PP-R C are normally not installed where subject to UV-radiation.

All aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings have UV stabilizer to bridge transport and installation times. Maximum storage time in the open air is 3 months under Australian UV-conditions.

For the application in open air aquatherm offers composite pipes with an UV-protective layer made from black polyethylene, which excludes damages caused by sunlight.

Aquatherm PP-R fittings have to be protected against sunlight by using a black UV-resistant adhesive tape.

Painting the aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings with an UV resistant epoxy based primer or lagging the aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings with an UV resistant insulation is sufficient as well to protect the PP-R pipe system from UV damage.

Available types of pipe:

  • aquatherm green pipe MF UV
  • aquatherm blue pipe MF UV (on demand)
  • aquatherm blue pipe MF UV-OT (on demand)

Peeling of the UV layer

When welding UV pipe peel off the UV layer off the aquatherm pipe before fusion.

Push the end of the UV pipe into the guide of the peeling tool. Peel off the UV layer up to the top of the peeling tool. It is not necessary to mark the welding depth as the back stop of the peeling tool indicates the correct welding depth.

Before starting the fusion, check if the UV layer has been completely removed.

Peeling of the UV layer

Click here for more information on the pipe peelers for the UV pipe


Peeling of the UV layer (option 2):   (::


NEW: Aquatherm offers new solution for painting the aquatherm PP-R pipe systems

Click on below picture to download Technews No.14 2015


For more information, click here to download the Climatherm / aquatherm blue pipe brochure 


aquatherm blue pipe (Climatherm) XXL Pipe

Dimensions up to ø630 mm

Responding to the requirements for pipe systems with bigger flow volume in industrial plants, factories, gigantic construction projects in hotel building, universities and stadiums aquatherm now offers the extension of its pipe systems aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe (climatherm) in the dimensions Ø400 mm, Ø450 mm, Ø500 mm, Ø560 mm and Ø630 mm (OD).

Considering the following well-established advantages of the pipes and fittings made from fusiolen PP-R and connected by butt-welding, aquatherm succeeded, as the first pipe system manufacturer worldwide, in the production of fiber composite pipes, connecting pieces and joints in these big dimensions.



  • Convincing efficiency
  • Exceeding chemical resistance
  • Low heat conductivity
  • High diffusion resistance
  • High-class stress cracking resistance
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Special abrasion resistance
  • Low weight
  • Excellent processability
  • Temperature resistance
  • Long service life
  • High mechanical load capacity

Pipe system for potable water, heating and climate technology

Industrial pipes

In the field of plastic pipes for industrial application with the aquatherm green pipe and aquatherm blue pipe (climatherm) systems aquatherm offers a high-quality, sophisticated and well-approved system for the transport of liquids and further media. Due to its chemical resistance it is most suitable for the transport of aggressive liquids like acids, bases and liquors. Pharmaceutical-, chemical- and food industry as well as water industry trust in our long lasting and worldwide experience as manufacturer of plastic pipe systems.

For the supply with potable water and liquid food in hotels, stadiums, universities, infrastructural large plants or other major projects the aquatherm green pipe system is most suitable due to its excellent hygienic and ecologic features and its neutrality of smell and taste.

Also best suited is aquatherm blue pipe system (climatherm) for the application in heating and climate technology. 

Whether in manifold construction as risers or distribution pipes or for the transport of various media on longer distances, e.g. for district heating, the climatherm pipe system now provides a wider field of applications.

For more information, click here to download the aquatherm XXL brochure 




Aquatherm is a world-wide producer of plastic pipe systems for the potable water and heating sector....

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